Pedagogical Offer - Preschool

In the Preschool section, we educate secure children, with a sense of belonging and able to express their ideas and demonstrate their skills (intellectual, social and physical).

Children from initial level (3 years old) receive 50% instruction in their native language and 50% in English. In Pre-Kinder (4 years old) and Kinder (5 years old), the percentage of instruction in this second language increases to 65%, taking advantage of the fact that early childhood is the most sensitive stage for learning a language. This is also beneficial for studying several subjects in English on higher grades.

We work with the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (PEP), which is designed to begin with students three years of age, under an active methodology of inquiry, which allows the development of thinking skills and creativity.

Each group of students has a teacher with a pre-school education title and an English proficiency certificate. Each teacher has the support of a full-time assistant, in order to provide personalized support in the classroom. Special Spanish, music and physical education teachers complement the team. As well as two psychologists and a full-time doctor, concentrated on individualized care for the children.

The infrastructure of the section is specially designed to ensure the safety and well being of children. The technology equipment in all classrooms facilitates learning and stimulates early development of technological skills.


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