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One of the most important means to promote the development of the IB learning community profile is student exchange.

TERRANOVA has developed several exchanges with countries such as France, South Africa and the United States, for high school students.

Participants have had the opportunity to live unforgettable experiences that leave their mark for life and allow them to strengthen skills such as leadership, communication and proactivity, which are valuable personal resources to work in and outside the School.

Future 9Th Grade And 1St Baccaulareate Classes

The TERRANOVA School is pleased to announce that two exchange programs will be held next year! Some students will be able to experience this great adventure by traveling to Canada or France.

In the 9th grade 2017-2018 class, a group of 4 to 10 students will have the opportunity to explore Canada, to share class schedules and the lifestyle of Canadian students. Our students will go to St. Michaels University School, a prestigious private institution located near Victoria, British Columbia. The exchange will last from 3 to 4 weeks in February 2018. In addition to school activities, students will visit Victoria in Vancouver where they can experience the true Canadian winter and practice different sports. Depending on the number of students who decide to go, they will be received by Canadian families or in rooms on campus.

A group of 15 students from 1st of baccalaureate, who take French classes, will be able to go to France and have the opportunity to practice the language with native speakers. Students will go to Lycée St. Vincent, located in Senlis, on the outskirts of Paris. The exchange will take place in April 2018 and will last 3 weeks. Students will share classes with students of similar ages in addition to visiting Paris and its surroundings.

This exchange will have a 1 to 1 modality. Each Terranova student will have a St. Vincent partner and will have an exchange as part of the French class. Upon arrival of our students to France, they will be hosted in the house of their exchange family. In June, our families will return the favor, hosting French students who will visit the country for three weeks.

Benefits of international exchanges:

· Strengthening languages
· Developing independence
· Knowing other cultures
· New opportunities and friendships
· New insights
· Improving leadership skills
· Seeing new places
· Unique learning experiences

Interested students and families who require further information can contact Mathilde Duquesnel-Mana,

Additional Information:

The cost of these programs will be limited to only the airplane ticket, visa (for those who need it) and personal expenses. Everything else is covered by our hosts.

We will share the exact list of activities from each exchange later in the process. Host families (both from Terranova and the schools in France and Canada) will be responsible for taking their guests to additional activities, tours and visits. The process to obtain the visa will be explained to families that decide to participate in the exchange.

General requirements:

To be part of the exchange group, we expect candidates to be well mannered and respectful towards both guests and hosts, and have demonstrated independence and curiosity during the process.

As a family, you will need to be able to accommodate and care for a foreign student following the exchange program agreements.


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